Phil Neville explains why he’d be embarrassed if he was this Man United star

Last night, Jose Mourinho absolutely hammered into Luke Shaw, as he claimed that the 21-year-old left-back wasn’t working hard enough in training. That would explain why the young man hasn’t been playing recently, but it is rather confusing.

As a professional footballer, why would you throw away the chance at playing for one of the biggest clubs in the planet? It just seems very unprofessional on his part, and you can totally understand the frustration coming from the gaffer.

Now, former Manchester United full-back Phil Neville has given his take on the situation, and he hasn’t held back either, claiming he’d be ’embarrassed’ if he were in Shaw’s shoes.

“Having played at Manchester United, I think I’d be embarrassed as a player if those accusations were levelled at me in terms of training performances,” Neville told Sky Sports News HQ.

“To play football at Manchester United you need to train at 110 percent, you need to be determined and focused; the fundamentals of a professional footballer.”

Sometimes, you’re just not good enough and there is nothing you can do about that, which is fact of life. However, not working hard enough when you’re on that amount of money? It shouldn’t even come into question, and that’s disappointing.

When Shaw was signed I was so excited as this is a guy that I thought we could genuinely have as our left-back for the next decade, but obviously, it hasn’t turned out that way.

Now he’s fighting for his future at Manchester United, because as we all know Jose Mourinho doesn’t settle for second best, and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see Shaw plying his trade elsewhere come the start of next season.

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