PICTURE: Gerrard kisses cameras, United kiss trophies

After another humiliating defeat to local rivals yesterday, David Moyes’ days as Manchester United manager seem to be numbered. However, on the pitch Steven Gerrard shown once again just how small-time he is by kissing the camera at Old Trafford after converting his second penalty.

Yes, Liverpool were toying with us throughout the game, and yes we were abysmal. But come on Steven, try kissing the Premier League trophy instead? Oh wait…


 Image via Twitter/@BBCSporf.

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  1. *Used to kiss trophies

    All of a sudden United fans love talking about “history” and going on about “next year”

    • all of a sudden Liverpool fans now have mouth wow how tings change. anyway that’s what happens when a dog is locked in a cage for a long time when allowed to go outside it will bark for a long time. anywhere sorry Liverpool fans yu will never kiss the trophy as long as fergie watch from the stands , mourinho is available and by the way how are u going to fare against city and chelesi jus saying

      • Never needed a mouth…the 5-finger salute says it all mate. In Istanbul, we won it 5 times.
        so give us an example of your mouth and tell us how much you hate it that we have won it 5 times.

      • As long as Exlax watches from the stands!!!! How long before he is lunched when the penny drops that he well and truly stitiched you up for the sake of his own ego?

  2. Just a matter of time. You saw the future yesterday and iots terrified you into pathetic attempts to respond to your annihilation and Liverpool’s rise. Get used to it. Hilarious that thi sis all you have got to respond with.
    Interesting you posted pix of vidic and VanPercy (spelling intentional!). Both of those players were a disgrace to the shirt yesterday. Vidic is off and clearly had his own agenda of damage limitation. And the greedy ego is clearly more interested in competing with Potato Head in terms of earnings. He is shamelessly exploiting your weakness and holding you to ransom. Wake up, he is a has-been at 30. But he sums up your club right now. You cling to your pix of Sir Exlax (spelling intentional), Ferdinand, Giggs, Ronaldo, Vidic and VanPercy, the rest of the football world has moved on and is laughing at you.
    PS no wonder the grass grows so well at OT, you have Fellaini fertilising it for 90 mins every week.

      • Dream on. We are all terrified of facing Cleverley, Wellbeck, Fellani, Jones, Smalling, Potato Head, Carrick…etc…terrifying us. This is the worst squad of players since you got relegated, and that season you never kisse d atrophy or a flag…just my @rse. You entire era of successful bullying of refs is over, face the facts.

  3. Why not show a pic of your European Cups against Liverpool’s?
    20 years of abject failure on that scene. And all because Euro refs are bullied by Sir Exlax.
    The proof of his bullying effect on English refs is there for all to see now.
    The Evil Empire is crumbling.

    • upset ? you write an article showing player kissing the league trophy because you are bitter about Gerrard kissing the camera after a dreadful performance from your team in your own pitch…

      i’m not even going to talk about the fact that you talk about the league trophy because you have nightmares thinking that you could add Gerrard to that list.

      knowing what you’re going through good luck with the football genius in command ;)

    • FACT…biggest club legend is still Kenny…he won the title (and the the euro cup). As both manager and player. FACT, and end of argument.

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