PICTURE: Potential Manchester United XI under Van Gaal

Manchester United have already made two excellent signings in the form of Ander Herrera and Luke Shaw, and if you believe reports many more are to come in the not too distant future. Names like Arturo Vidal and Thomas Vermaelen are looking likely, and if both come in it would have been an excellent summer for Manchester United.

As you can see from the formation below, I think Louis van Gaal will stick with what he knows and adopt the 4-3-3 formation. Obviously David de Gea will keep his spot in goal, and the wing-backs basically pick themselves.

One of the problem areas is the centre-back spot, if we do sign Vermaelen we’ll have four injury prone centre-halves in the form of Chris Smalling, Phil Jones, Jonny Evans and obviously Thomas Vermaelen. Evans is the best defender currently at the club, and Van Gaal likes to have one left-footed centre-back – hence the inclusion of Vermaelen.

The midfield three looks a lot stronger already. You have Ander Herrera in the middle who’s a proper box-to-box midfielder, and Arturo Vidal who’s just an absolute warrior. This should allow Juan Mata the freedom to get involved in the attacks, as he knows he’ll have cover behind him.

The front three basically picks itself. Robin van Persie is a shoe-in, as is Adnan Januzaj. Louis van Gaal loves players who work hard, so I think he’ll love Wayne Rooney.


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    • I do like this, i just feel if we spend all this money on Vidal and Carvalho, we are really leaving ourselves short for next season when we hopefully have Europe, but have used all our war chest. Also i feel we need experience instead of de vrij

    • Sanchez and di Maria would have to be higher up, di Maria is on his less effective side, buying 2 cb is silly, blind would be good and for a good price, and I’d choose vermaelen. Dropping Rooney is silly, he played good last season despite man u poor season

      • sanchez & di maria do play further up the wing but are not rooted there, they are wingers & play up & down the wing, why is buying 2 centre backs silly ? we often had to use carrick cos we were short in that position last season & since then rio & vidic have left ,so to my mind -2 = +2 also vermaelen would be the last resort he makes to many mistakes (remember when we beat them last year) sell rooney while he is still a good price hes peaked, past his best @ getting older mata & herrera are better options for the number 10 position. the money could be used to buy james or another quality striker.

        • Your forgetting no Europe, so that’s why its silly to buy two, wait till next year when we can hopefully offer Europe and attract a better cb. also having only 4 remaining players in a starting xi that were part of the team last year is never a good option any manger or team will tell you that, i feel your trying too force too much in 1 year. As for cashing in on Rooney, i see no point cashing in. For me if a player is scoring and creating 29 goals in 29 games i see no need to.

          • No im not 4getting europe but first we need to qualify, city didnt wait to get in europe before buying. Strike while the irons hot, there are a lot of top quality players available & displaying their abiltey in brazil, in another 12/18 months time the money or these players may not be available. Are you saying only tinker with the team & see what happens first ? cos then it could be to late. As for rooney i am not saying he didnt do a good job for us but how many number 10s do we need ? There is a right time to sell players whoever they are & the time for rooney is now whilst we can still get a good price, he is in slow decline, How long will it be b4 he spits his dummy out & wants to leave becouse rvp,mata or herrera are being prefered by lvg.

          • I agree with Jamie gaz, your trying to change ab entire team, also 1 English player in your xi that’s not the united way, there are some great talents in the united youngsters, so we dont need to do a complete rebuild in one go. People know we are desperate so world class players who are willing to sit Europe out are even more expensive. It makes more sense to get some players now, then some next season. Just look at Tottenham got loads of new players and hardly any performed, it took man city a few seasons and alot of money buying player after player, then selling them, until they actually had a team, so it shows an overhaul isn’t the way. And finally 4cb is plenty for a non Europe playing club if they are to play 2cb. We have 3 we need 1 more with experience

          • then your saying that last season & seasons b4 we had to many cb are you ? becouse we also had vidic & rio, yet in many games we had to play carrick at cb cos we didnt have enough cover in depth. jones & evans are not good enough for regular appearances & both are injury prone. to be honest the entire team needs changing, tell me who are world class ? also if there are no top class english players why sign them just bcos their english.

          • Well after reading the comments GAZ, you either don’t watch man utd enough or other football. Jones is good enough for where we are and what we currently need to achieve and has shown he has the quality to play at the highest level, his cl performances under sir Alex were as good as anyone, sir Alex even said so on many occasions. There are Shaw Rooney and jones all starters and good English youths coming through. No one mentioned just signing players just they are english, also we do have to make sure we keep to PL rules, balance the books and build for the future. Gaz you have a mono tone vision, just spend now on the best players that will come, which means over paying, and leave no money incase things dont work out. Oh also are you just reading what you want to read? The guy above said we need 4 cb cause no Europe, yet your hung up on two have left, yes but as he clearly stated we now dont have Europe so don’t need that many, Keane can be a fifth back up if we get so many injuries again. Some young talent will get a go this year under LVG which is what needs to happen. rant over!

          • well we wont get in europe with that back line, jones is clumsy,brash, not strong enough has poor first touch,poor distribution & always out of position also through his brashness & his miscalculated challenges gets injured as for evans hes had more than enough time to reach the required level but hasnt got there. If you want we will just stay with david moyes approach & wait a couple of seasons to see if anybody comes through the ranks by which time we will be in the championship.

          • So Gaz your saying Sir Alex gas always been completely wrong about jones when describing him, plus did you not see the interview where Jose said jones is one of the best young English cb he has seen in a while, clearly your not a football fan, just someone who only picks faults with his clubs players, never thinks of the future, its very sad your a man Utd fan, you must be one of the glory hunting fans, not one that admires the team, the history, just wants to spend as much as possible to try to get all the best players and not make a team. Look at Athletico played as a team, not all of them are stars and they won the league. Jamie was completely right. Your forcing out players for no reason. Look at how sterling, Henderson and Flanagan performed when given the chance. Really good your not a manager, you would destroy a club

          • im not the one that has been handed 200mill to spend, if the club want a manager to re invent the club then thats not his fault & he will buy the best players he can for the positions required. fergie was right about taibie,anderson,fabio & selling stam & beckham i suppose. Fergie was great at managing at what he had but a poor scout of players. As for jones its there for everyone to see his frailties rather than being a sheep & following what somebody else says. Athletico did a good job thats true but it wont continue the other side of the coin is real madrid “Now theres a successful team with a future & spending hasnt done them any harm. We dont have any class player anymore just an average bunch, but never mind eh weve still got the 200mill & british players so everythings rosie in the garden for years to come..

          • So gaz you want to spend loads and end up getting in trouble due to financial fair play like man city and Barcelona, sounds like a great plan to me. Lets also buy loads of players when we have no European football so that loads of our players have to sit in the reserves and have an unhappy squad, again sounds like a great plan gaz, lets all the players we can now, then next year not be able to get anyone else cause the pots empty. You don’t know how much he has been given. Also on jones, i guess you don’t watch him play, it is evident he will become a great, have you ever looked at statistics of past games they show alot gaz, and prove you wrong straight away. Oh and also by your team we should play top players out of position. Cause that’s worked so well in the past hasn’t. You have a one track mind gaz, and i can see that it isn’t gonna change which is sad, i can see you’ve only been reading what you want to, and only ever see what you want to.

          • Your missing the point of this article, it asks to name your starting line up assuming you have 200mill, thats all ive done. If there isnt that money in the pot then that wouldnt be my team, its a hyperthetical team. As for the players out of position your wrong de gea is a goalie i think, shaw left back, rapheal right back, vermaelen is left of center, hummels can play anywhere along the back line. blind can play leftback, left wing or defensive mid field, sanchez can play upfront or attacking right side, herrera box to box through the middle of midfield, di maria either wing, mata behind the striker & i think RVP san play up front. as for jones i watch him make mistake after mistake & get caught out of position with my own eyes not rely on being a sheep & following others who just cant see what he is doing wrong just cos fergie says hes good. As a utd supporter it is you that only see what you want to & can only see the positives & ignore the negatives, but i try to look objectivly at the players but admit there failings. So you really think we will qualify for europe with that lot, we only have 1 world class player & 2 very good players & 2 promising players we should build round them.

          • Haha all i have to say gaz is wow, your clearly not on the same page as alot of other people, myself jones has made some mistakes, no where near as many as your saying. Its not about following the herd, its about people having the same opinion, i think your watching different games to the rest of us, as for you saying we have only have one world class player, honestly if they play the way they can we have 3/4 no point naming them, cause you will just disagree, we have quite few in the ranks with good potential, and there are quite a few good players as well, there’s alot of dead wood, but we have a huge squad so we can trim it down alot, i mean look at liverpool, they finished 2nd with the squad they had, and we are probably have as good a squad as they did last season with just one more cb and 1 more mid. We do need 2 more mids, 1 right winger. And i also wouldn’t be too fussed about aquiring a new rb, as rafa has taken a step back, he has been alot worse than jones was, infact jones played better than rafa when he was at rb, but jones is a cb. Couple of young ens like depay and classie and we can definitely get back in top 4, that’s only 4 more starting transfers, and few nice potentials. And i think that is how lvg will go tbh. I think you should end argueing gaz, your just getting boring mate.

          • its a shame you ended on such a sour note as i was starting to be persuaded to some extent, as for getting boring its you lot im just responding to not starting the argument but again another sheep jumping on the band wagon. at the end of the day dont we all want utd to do well no matter what our opinion of what the line up should be.

          • thats redicules dont all fans want glory ? i shouldnt wear the badge cos i want utd to win ? obviously your a david moyes fan.

          • I think he knows, every team that can achieve top 4 aim for the title first, until it is out of reach, regardless if you think you should just settle for top 4 or not. So we will aim for 1st even though we wont get it in one season, but it gives the players and fans a boost etc, LVG knows we won’t win it this year and knows he will rebuild over a few years, otherwise he’d have just signed a 1year then handed over to giggs. Your one track mind is awful.

          • its a shame you had to finish on such a personal note, i was just begining to respect your comments until then but you had to show what type of person you relly are. lets see then what lvg does, i bet he signs 3 more quality players which will then blow you out of the water with this comment. are you mutton Geoff ?

    • Basically mine but more realistic, januzaj instead of buying robben cause we need to wait till we have Europe then push fir world class players, then blind for Vidal, again same reason, would be a good price.

  1. De gea
    Rafael, jones, vermalen/vertonghen, shaw
    blind, herrera
    Mata, rooney, januzaj
    think this is a very realistic team to be honest.
    also would like clasie and depay, and I’d be very happy

    • I think this is definitely the best I’ve seen being realistic, i feel we can get depay and clasie for good prices, both young as well, then spend more next year when we have hopefully Europe. Would really like vertonghen over vermaelen.

    • Evans is by far our best df and picks himself, not much after him besides young Keane and the two liabilities so need buy another.

      januzaj. Mata. Rvp, degea are all dead certs start as best players in squad along wi Evans, Herrera, kagawa

      • I think any manager would take jones over Evans, he has will become a number cb, he has made alot less mistakes than jones, the stats speak for themselves

  2. De Gea
    Rafael-De Vrij-Jones-Shaw
    Di maria/Sanchez Rooney Mata

    Obviously not very realistic but it’s by far the best it could be for next season

    • This isn’t how I typed it. Carvalho as DF; Vidal as an AM; hererra as a CM and Mata playing in front of them in a diamond formation then Rooney and Vp up front.
      This is the most realistic based on the transfer rumours. We getting any three out of Carlvalho, Vidal, Di Maria and Vermaleen for sure.
      Personally januzaj shouldn’t make the first team, don’t get me wrong, he’s a good player with potentials but makes too many mistakes, crosses aren’t accurate and he looses the ball too much and the opponent bullies him a lot, he needs to man up and go to the gym, learn from welbeck.
      Finally for people advocating we shouldn’t buy all these players till next season I say why not if they are available? What if they not available next season ? They might sign a new contract with their clubs or another club might buy them so if they interested now, I say we should snap them up

  3. ……………………De Gea……………………..
    Rafael…….Jones……..De Vrij……..Shaw
    …………..Rooney……..Van Persie…………..


    • Great team Daniel, using our existing players and adding only what’s needed i like it, i think though if we can get a more experienced cb than de vrij, but it will be difficult without Europe so he will be good now and will have time to convince me :)

      • Alex: Thanks a lot! :) I would also like to see another CB, like Hummels or Mangala. But Hummels seems to stay in Dortmund this summer, it’s more likely that we get him next year. Mangala seems to chose City over United. =/ I would also love to see Blind in United, cos he can play in the midfield too, not just like a CB. But first of all I want United to buy Vidal. I want him beside Herrera next season. If we get him, I think we’ll win the 21th title. ;) I’m from Sweden by the way. :)

  4. Has anyone even looked into the formation that Lvg is even playing at the moment!!!!! 3-5-2. That he can change to 5-3-2/3-4-3. So I would be buying 2 center backs as we need the cover for injury prone players/ the 3rd cb!

  5. De Gea
    Jones-hummels- evens
    Rafael Shaw
    Herrera- vidal- mata
    Rooney- Rvp
    That would be my formation as long as he can get Rooney and Rvp to work together!!!

  6. DeGea
    hummels vermaalen
    Rafael/Jamluut Herrera Shaw
    Vidal Mata Di Maria
    Rooney/Sanchez RVP
    Subs Januzzai Evra Jones Carrick Kagawa Wellbeck/Hernandez Valencia Fletcher Wilson Micharl Keane Jesse Lingard Anders Lingaard (GK)
    Sell Smalling Young Hernandez or Wellebeck Nani Anderson Cleverly Bebe Fellani

  7. if united buy these kind of players, their stock is going to rise ten fold, more fans will buy shirts with vidal than any other united player have ever purchased

  8. do we need new wingers ? do we need more centre backs ? do we need defensive midfielder ? do we need cover for shaw ? do we need cover for raphael ?

    • We need 1 right winger, we need 1 new cb, we lost two but no Europe lowers it, all non Europe have 4 then youth for cover, I’m gonna say Rafael would become the cover if e got new rb, but not a priority. Dm obviously and one more cm, no cover for Shaw atm we have evra. But this all depends on the formation as well really. But any to sum up: definately 1 cb, 2 mids, 1 right wing. Potential: rb, young cm, and maybe another youngster. Then next year when we are back in Europe hopefully, we can attract a few more world class players, i see no point overhauling this season spending lots of money for us to have un happy played and a squad that doesn’tgel, its happened so many times to clubs. and i don’t think lvg will do a huge overhaul. He likes young talent. We have players like Powell itching to get a go, and openly stated he wants to perfect his cm role rather than no 10. Hope this is a decent answer to your question gaz.

  9. 3-4-1-2
    ………………………De Gea…………………….
    Di Maria…………………………………….Mata
    …………..Rooney……..Van Persie………….

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