PICTURE: The flip chart that sums up Manchester United’s season

In a season where City, Liverpool and Everton have all done the double over United for the first time, and David Moyes has taken the champions of England to a lowly seventh place in the table where Liverpool look set to wrap up the title in a fortnight. You think things cannot get any worse.

United found themselves 2-0 down as the second half began at Goodison Park yesterday, and the last thing you want to see is a flip chart in Steve Round’s hands with the words ‘set plays, United vs Everton’ on them. Why on earth do a club like United feel they have to turn to set plays in order to get a result against a team we should be beating convincingly I’ll never know.

Everton have already taken more points than ever before in a Premier League season now that David Moyes has gone, and lets not forget they still have a few games left to go. The Toffees are fighting for a spot in the Champions League next season, whilst on the other hand United are struggling for a spot in the Europa League.

All the fingers have to be pointed at David Moyes. Many are suggesting we give him time and support him through this ‘transitional period’, but I’ll ask one question. Why aren’t Everton going through a transitional period? If you’re manager is good enough, then you don’t need one.

There seems to be no plan. Honestly, who has any idea what our game plan is going into matches? As Jamie Carragher said after the game yesterday, at least with Brendan Rodgers you could see what Liverpool were trying to achieve when they were struggling last season, but with David Moyes I honestly have no idea what our plan of attack is.

We look flat, disheartened and disinterested at the moment, and all that is down to the man who is supposed to be motivating them. Sadly, it looks like we’ll be stuck with David Moyes until Christmas at least, but I’ve lost all patience with him now.


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  1. This might be the biggest mistake of the club’s history… appointing that idiot moyes, which brings more idiots like him into united

  2. With all due respect, why should United ‘be beating Everton convincingly’? Everton beat United last season at Goodison too, in your title winning season. This season we have done the double over you, home and away. At an aggregate of 3-0, without conceding a goal. Everton are 12 points ahead of you. United have a few very good players – Rooney, Mata, RVP, possibly De Gea. The rest are either finished (Ferdinand, Evra, Vidic, Giggs) or average (Welbeck, Valencia) or awful (Jones, Rafael, Buttner, Smalling). Despite winning the league, Ferguson left your club in massive need of a rebuilding job. Moyes has probably been a mistake for you, he’s made massive errors in getting rid of Fergie’s backroom team. But any new manager coming in isn’t going to instantly turn things around, You need a clear out and a lot of new players, before you can even think about beating Everton.

    • Not saying you’re wrong because you have it right when you say that Everton has the better all around squad atm but Moyes has no clue tactically. He’s played the same formation all season that doesn’t have spots for natural wingers yet he plays them there. He got rid of all the staff and brought in inexperienced ones treats Rooney like he’s the manager. That loss yesterday was the last straw for me.

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