PICTURE: The reason why United sit seventh in the Premier League

Manchester United slumped to another home defeat yesterday, and this time at the hands of Tottenham Hotspur. This season the Red Devils have already dropped more points than they did in the whole of last, and the mini-table below shows exactly why United sit in seventh place.

Our record against the so called ‘big teams’ simply hasn’t been anywhere near good enough. Our only victory against other sides in the top eight came against Arsenal, and that was at a time when they were struggling.

Its all rather worrying if i’m honest. Whether its Moyes’ tactics or just bad luck i’m not so sure. I just hope our form picks up soon.



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  1. u clearly dnt knw football i am an arsenal fan nd watch man u match yesterday moyes tactics wer pure genius d last 20 min was wen i knew moyes is bery smart pudhin valencia to fefence nd bringin all attack possesion was 68-32 united playef spurd dey wer jus unluky do u fools blamin moyes giv ur coach tym or continue ur stupid moyes out talks infact how dare u do u knw how it feels like to be without a single trophy for 8 yrs n ur here complainin hu knew stayin by wenger will pay off champions lg wont be chmpions lg without united byeeer

    • Wenger yes maybe you know football. But moyes has used that tactic ever since he first set foot at old Trafford. Everybody knew this would be the plan B and spurs were ready for it. You clearly have not watched enough Manchester united games.

      • if you see the goals that were scored by spurs the assist came from evra’s wing and tot were not able to create from the other side…so wat united is a LB and a decent Midfield who can run and get stuck in…apart from that united were unlucky but expect them to come back and be there in the top 4 at the end of the season…besides they have great youth talent so future is safe and sound and expect moyes to be a great manager…SAF was man a of measure and i am sure he has chosen the right replacement…its time to be patient cuz glory is inevitable…

  2. The reason? Only one. David “dud” Moyes. An incompetent man in charge of a Club way above his capabilities. Stuck in a village Club for 12 years doesn’t give one any qualification to run a big club. SAF was afraid of big names upsetting him so he made sure he got his stooge in. What a way to destroy a good team. Not easy to convert Champs into Chumps in double quick time.

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