Pictures: Man United fans storm Carrington, display anti-Glazer banners

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Man United fans are seemingly doing all they can to make their voices heard.

The European Super League idea has been shut down; for now at least. Manchester United fans have driven Edward Woodward out of Old Trafford. Now, they’re going for the head of the snake; The Glazer family.

These guys have leached off Manchester United for sixteen years now, and this latest attempt at a money grab has infuriated the Old Trafford supporters like never before. This time, I don’t see our fan base going away quietly like they did in 2005.

This morning, a group of Man United fans would storm United’s Carrington training ground, blocking the entrance, before making it onto the property.

They’d display anti-Glazer banners, making their voices heard about the 51% fan ownership idea that is based on the German model.

Apparently, these guys would then talk to the likes of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Michael Carrick, Darren Fletcher and Nemanja Matic – before leaving the AON Training Complex.

Check out the photos here:

These guys have every right to protest, but only on the right side of the law. First and foremost, I don’t condone them breaking and entering, because do that in any other situation and you’re likely going to get arrested.

I understand why they want to make their voices heard but you have to do it by proper means. That said, I doubt this wouldn’t have received the media traction it did if they didn’t enter club premises.

Apparently, there’s a wider-scale protest scheduled for 3 o’clock this weekend at Old Trafford. It’ll be interesting to see how many folks turn up for that one…

What do you make of this latest Glazer protest? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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