Pochettino would leave PSG for Man United job, Redknapp claims

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Mauricio Pochettino would jump at the chance to manage Man United, according to Harry Redknapp.

Manchester United are on the hunt for a new gaffer. The search is probably underway quicker than expected, given the Reds refused to pull the plug during the two-week international break.

However, losing 4-1 to Watford was never going to go unpunished and United’s hand was forced. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer simply had to go.

Finding someone in the middle of a season is never easy. Particularly at this stage, when all the good coaches are already employed and they’re unwilling to move on.

Well, one man who’d reportedly be okay with switching sides in-season is Mauricio Pochettino…

Now, that thought has been backed up by ex-boss Harry Redknapp. Apparently, the top-class manager would ‘love the United job’, with Redknapp ‘sure’ he would bin off PSG for the Old Trafford hot-seat.

Check out the video from Sky Sports News here:

“Would Mauricio Pochettino leave PSG for Man United? Absolutely, I’m sure he would. Without a doubt.”

As Redknapp states, Pochettino’s family remains in England, hinting that he’d eventually like to settle down in this country. If it’s true that the Argentine is indeed unsettled in Paris, then why wouldn’t he look to leave?

Honestly, this move could work out all around. Zinedine Zidane looks like he’s clamouring for that PSG job, while Poch feels like a perfect fit for what United want to achieve. It’s a win-win.

If there’s any chance that United can go out there and get Poch now, they need to do all they can to make it happen if he’s the guy they want. There’s no time to mess around. The club needs to make their intentions clear and push hard to get the move done – whatever the cost.

I love Michael Carrick, but he and that coaching staff should be in the job for as short a time as possible as United need to avoid making the same managerial mistake again.

Would Mauricio Pochettino be a good hire for Man United? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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