Roy Keane unhappy at Marcus Rashford who was ‘going through the motions’ vs Belgium

Manchester United Football Club have a stunning player on their hands in a certain 22-year-old, but an even better person. However, that didn’t stop Roy Keane expressing his unhappiness at Marcus Rashford after an average first-half performance vs Belgium last night…

Rashford is a true man of the people. The work he’s doing to ensure young children up and down the country are being fed is nothing short of sensational. However, when you undertake such work, your performances in your day job are going to come under increased scrutiny.

We’ve seen that be the case from both fans and pundits alike over the last six months. It sucks we live in this sort of society, but unfortunately, it always felt inevitable that a direct link would be made.

This isn’t me saying people don’t have rights to critique Rashford as a player, but to put it down to the work he’s doing off the field is just unfair.

Anyway, one man who’ll always keep it solely about football is Roy Keane. At the halfway stage of England’s 2-1 victory over Belgium, the ex-Red-turned-pundit expressed his unhappiness with the United star’s performance vs Belgium…

Check out what Keano had to say here:

Rashford in the first-half was going through the motions,” Keane said on ITV at the midway break, (quotes via The Metro). “I just want to make a point, Rashford, his body language in the first half, he needs to do better.

“And then he started doing what he should be doing, running at people, getting forward, doing things quickly.

“Gareth Southgate should have said something at half-time, cut out this nonsense, kind of standing on the ball.

“Pass it and run, pass it and move and, again, it was excellent play between [Declan] Rice and Rashford at the end but simplify the game.

“Remember what got you into this England team and that’s running at people. That’s your strength.”

It’s worth noting that Rashford had England’s only goal at half-time when these comments were made, so my immediate thought is that this is just Keano being Keano.

We’re talking about someone who sort of enjoys giving his negative opinion on the performance of players, regardless of his United history.

To say Rashford was just going through the motions feels pretty harsh. I thought he was one of England’s better players in that first 45 minutes and he was actively trying to make things happen.

I guess football will always be a game of opinions, though, and we know Keane’s view is stronger than most.

For me, Rashford is someone that both England and United should be building their team around. He has speed, shooting, the ability to find a pass and the effort to work hard on defence. We’re talking about someone who is the complete player and he’s only 22.

Oh, that’s Marcus Rashford MBE, to you, Keano…

What did you make of the display from Marcus Rashford vs Belgium? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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