Sir Alex speaks to Blanc about Cavani

Manchester United’s legendary ex-manager Sir Alex Ferguson has spoken to Laurent Blanc about Edinson Cavani’s situation, according to the Daily Mail. If this story turns out to be true, I personally feel Sir Alex is becoming too involved at Manchester United, and its slightly undermining to Moyes.

Fergie is a club director yes, as is Sir Bobby Charlton, and you wouldn’t see Sir Bobby ringing up managers enquiring about players. He should let David Moyes and Ed Woodward do their jobs, and carry on supporting the team and enjoy it ‘like one of us’ as he so famously claimed he would in his leaving speech.

I doubt this story is anywhere near the truth anyway, as Cavani only signed for PSG in the summer and he cost them over £50m. There is no way on this planet the Glazers would sanction more than that on a player in an area we don’t really need to strengthen in at the present time. That is of course unless one of Robin van Persie, Wayne Rooney or Javier Hernandez are leaving.

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  1. Why would we not use saf as he has a great relationship with blanc,to say its undermining is a bit childish,its only like real usin zidane,saf has that relationship so has prob been asked to have a quiet word if the story is true at all,your view on it is very naive.

  2. It would be pretty stupid NOT to use Sir Alex Ferguson to try to persuade players to come or managers to sell. Don’t you have a clue how the world of football transfers works?

  3. i was saying to a friend the other day that rather than send woody to do deals we should get fergie involved… the end of the day who would convince players better?!
    plus hes experienced enough to be able to give moyes his opinion on players having met them in person…..what does woody know about the mentality required to be a success at united?

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