Three reasons why Alexis Sanchez must be sold by Man United in January

Just under a year ago, Manchester United fans were buzzing when that video of Alexis Sanchez playing the piano surfaced. The Red Devils had landed a world-class player with brilliance in abundance, or so they thought…

From day one, the 29-year-old from Chile has struggled. He hasn’t adapted to Jose Mourinho’s style at all, and in fact, it looks as though he’s getting worse rather than better. That’s a trait that has plagued United players aplenty over the last few years, but Sanchez looks half the player he was just eighteen months ago.

Although we’re only a year in, United must be considering cashing in on their new #7, and you cannot really blame them. If the right offer comes in, I believe it’d make perfect sense to ship him out.

Here are three reasons why Alexis Sanchez must be sold by Man United in January:

Stunting the growth of Rashford and Martial

Let’s start with my biggest problem with the Sanchez acquisition… As soon as he walked through the doors at the AON Training Complex, both Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford have struggled massively.

These are the two biggest talents at the club at the moment. They share the same favoured position as Sanchez, so playing time was always going to be reduced for the pair.

Selling Sanchez would bring a newfound confidence to them both, and hopefully, in Martial’s case, it’d give him more reason to sign on the dotted line and extend his stay in Manchester.

Huge wages

Money makes the world go around. United’s owners love having deep pockets. Sanchez is burning a huge hole in said pockets at the moment, and we’re not getting the production you’d expect.

Should the owners tolerate that? No. I know it doesn’t have a huge personal effect on the fans regardless, but you want your top earners to deliver on the field. Also, when others see what Sanchez is bringing home every week, other average footballers will start asking for the same sort of money, and I wouldn’t blame them.

It’s just not working

Sometimes, it’s just better to admit defeat. Not every signing can be a 10/10 home run, that’s just not how football works. Sanchez’s move to Old Trafford has been disastrous. Injuries aplenty have plagued him, while the performances haven’t been good enough.

As simple and as obvious as it sounds, things just aren’t working out. While Sanchez has value, United should cash in and call it a day. Honestly, let’s ship him off to Paris Saint-Germain a’la Angel di Maria and move forward. It feels as though it’d benefit everyone involved, and then we can give his hefty wage packet to the best goalkeeper in the business…

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