United POTY Series: Contender #6 – Robin van Persie

Oh Robin van Persie, came the cry from the stands after his home debut goal against Fulham, a delicately and perfectly placed shot that set the tone for things to come. Robin van Persie has led the line and showed United fans around the world that he is more than just a goalscorer, he is an all round professional.

Robin told the world he took the Number 20 shirt because he wanted to help the club towards the 20th title. A great quote to get the fans on side, but his actions on the pitch have backed it up.

He’s a great scorer of goals, as well as a scorer of great goals. But his all round play has been excellent. It amazes me how many times it has been RVP who gets his head on the ball whilst defending. He can hold the ball up, whip them in from corners and free kicks and so much more.

You can tell that he just gets it. He went so long at Arsenal without winning very much, that being at a club like united, where everyone around him are champions, he feels at home. He is no longer carrying a team, he is pushing them along. His excitement and energy is there for all to see, and his goal scoring record is fantastic.

The game against Aston Villa in which we sealed the title was a masterclass. A 35 minute hat trick, a tap in, a well worked goal sandwiched either side of one of the best goals I’ve ever seen. Not only that but he also cleared one off the line. Nothing is too hard for van Persie.

A fantastic debut season in which his goals have fired us towards the title. Whether it be the hat trick against Villa or Southampton, the comeback goals against Reading, or the injury time winner against City, make no doubt about it, each of RVPs goals have made a difference. Number 20 has made it Number 20 for United, and Number 1 for him!

Best Moment: Where to choose, so many! His first goal against Fulham, scoring against Arsenal, his hat trick v Southampton, the last minute winner v City. However, I think his hat trick against Villa has to be the highlight. The way he took his goals and what it meant to him and the fans will be my eternal memory of this season. To see him wheeling away with great delight and celebrating with the fans was fantastic. Not to mention that the middle goal was one of the goals of the season.

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