VIEW FROM THE ENEMY: Fulham Fan On Want Away Dempsey, Star Man Dembele And A Top 10 Finish

Ahead of our league clash with Fulham FC. We caught up with the owner of Fulham’s Finest, Kyle Bonn. He answered a few of our questions and gave us an insight as to how he thinks his side will finish up this season, as well as giving us his view on the Clint Dempsey transfer saga.

Jordan@Old Trafford Faithful: What do you make of Fulham’s transfer activity this summer?

Kyle Bonn (Fulham’s Finest): I think it’s incomplete. We haven’t spent a pound on transfers yet, and Martin Jol has said multiple times he wants 3-5 more players before the window closes, including, according to him, two more strikers and a center mid. However, that aside, the opener against Norwich showed Jol’s shrewd dealing with the three men he has brought in. Petric is a more complete target man than Pogrebnyak ever was with us, which gives me lots of confidence that he won’t fall off his early season success as sharply as the Pog did. We haven’t seen much of Rodallega yet, but what we have is promising.  He was constrained in his final year at Wigan, and is still young. I’m confident Jol has targets and a plan, but all my anxiety won’t go away until the club officially announces a few more players.

Jordan: After your 5-0 demolition job on Norwich, how confident are you about getting a result on Saturday?

Kyle Bonn: To be honest, not so confident. With United losing to Everton to open the season, the LEAST likely result possible would be two straight losses to start the year for Sir Alex Ferguson. That alone causes me to feel great fear. I’m a realist, and as much as our demolition of Norwich was a ton of fun, I believe in one game at a time. This is still a side that may struggle at times to score goals against the top sides. At Old Trafford, after a United loss, knowing Fulham’s away record, all things considered I’m not too optimistic about this fixture alone, but that’s not to say I’m not optimistic about Fulham’s ability to get results throughout the season against top sides.

Jordan: What would have to happen this season for you to consider it a successful one?

Kyle Bonn: That’s a difficult question. I think any top-10 finish is good for the club, as this year is more about transition than anything else. Martin Jol is making this club his, and fans love it. It’s getting younger, getting more exciting. So as long as the club doesn’t lose ground from their 9th place finish last year, and they get better for the future in the process, I’ll be very happy.

Jordan: Who do you see as your most influential player for the upcoming season?

Kyle Bonn: That’s a tough question, because it’s a team built not to rely on one player too much. However, if he stays, Moussa Dembele will be the most consistent player. Against Norwich, Dembele was 70/73 passing, including missing one in the attacking third. He won’t put up flashy numbers, but the creativity is off the charts. He’s a player Old Trafford may become familiar with in the next few years if he completes his rise, as SAF has been a big proponent of his. I do believe one more year at Fulham would do him wonders, as he hasn’t hit his ceiling just yet, but if he stays this season, next year he could have a major impact at a top club. Remember his name.

Jordan: If you could take one player from United, who would you choose and why?

Kyle Bonn: I’m going to go away from the norm here and choose someone who would be a little more of a realistic option (though it won’t happen) for Fulham. I think Dimitar Berbatov, in his current situation at Manchester United, would be a perfect option up front at Craven Cottage. I’ve always been a fan of his ever since his league-leading season a few years ago, and although it’s clear why he’s not starting at Old Trafford anymore, I think he would shine in a role up front for Fulham. He and Petric would make a great pair, and would provide great depth because when one needs a week off, the other could fill in mightily by themselves.  I wish Martin Jol would make a swoop here, but I don’t think it happens. Ultimately, I think Berba heads out of the Premier League either this window or in January.  Fingers crossed though.

Jordan: Finally someone who wants Berba! Who do you think will win the league this year?

Kyle Bonn: In my season preview, I predicted United to win the league, and even after their loss I stick by that. However, I think Chelsea will be more of a threat than I imagined at first, and I do think Arsenal’s new signings will bring a lot to that club. And you know enough about City, I know I don’t have to explain why they’re a threat.  It will be a very exciting season at the top, and nothing is a guarantee. But I think Man United has the most staying power at the top when it comes to depth and surviving the grind of a 38-match season (plus outside tournaments).  It’s a lot, and this is barely the beginning. I think Old Trafford has a lot to be excited about this year.

Jordan: Right answer, ha! Finally, what score do you think it’ll be this weekend?

Kyle Bonn: I’m having trouble predicting the outcome of this match. I believe United will win, but I don’t really know what to expect from Fulham, whether they’ll make it interesting or if they’ll lay down and die early. I believe the first 15 minutes are the telling point. If it’s goalless after that period, we have a chance, but if United strike early I think we’re in for a long match, no matter what the Fulham goal output is. I’m going to say 2-0 United win.

Jordan: I’ll go for 2-1 United. Cheers Kyle!

You can check out Kyle’s blog at Fulham’s Finest, alternatively you can follow Fulham’s Finest on Twitter here.

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