Why Antonio Conte is the wrong man for the job

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer may well get another chance this weekend, but the writing is on the wall.

Manchester United have a tough decision to make. Us here at Old Trafford Faithful believe it’s an obvious one. However, the Red Devils will stick with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for another week at least.

Without wanting to undermine the manager, it does feel like a case of when rather than if the Baby Faced Assassin will lose his job. I just don’t see the logic in persisting with this when it’s clearly not working.

Anyway, the heavy favourite to replace Solskjaer is Antonio Conte. The Italian is a league winner in both England and Italy. He certainly has the credentials and track record.

That said, here at Old Trafford Faithful, we firmly believe he’s the wrong man for the job for several reasons. We’ve decided to list the three biggest issues here.

It’s a tactical mismatch

Manchester United pride themselves on attacking, expansive football while developing youth. That couldn’t be any further from what Conte likes to do.

The Italian, true to his country, likes to sit back with five defenders and hit teams on the counter. He loves the ready-made player rather than investing time into the next generation. You can probably forget about the likes of Mason Greenwood and Jadon Sancho, too, as his width tends to come from full-backs.

It’d mean the squad trying to learn a completely different style of play in the middle of a season. It’d probably take at least six months for the squad to find their feet, meaning the 2021/22 campaign would be a complete write-off already. We’re only in October.

Conte will leave us in a worse place than he finds us in

Like Jose Mourinho, Conte seems to have developed a habit of leaving trouble in his path. At Chelsea, the dressing room discontent was unbearable as his time drew to a close. A similar thing played out at Inter.

Because his style is so unique, it takes the next manager at least a season or two to put things back on track. Let’s be honest, for all of Solskjaer’s tactical flaws, this is an incredibly gifted squad he’s put together. Why should we ruin that with the wrong, completely out-of-character hire? It didn’t work with Mourinho, why should we expect anything different this time around?

We’d be back to square one with this hire

All the good work (yes, there has been plenty), that Solskjaer has done in making this squad capable of winning trophies would be undone the moment Conte signs on the dotted line.

The squad overhaul would have some major casualties and it’d likely begin this January. It would then take Conte several transfer windows to build a squad that he believes is capable of going on to become a real force. Right now, United patience is at an all-time low. Would the club really risk further fan furore by making the club take three steps back to potentially move one step forward? I doubt it.

It honestly feels like a more expansive, forward-thinking manager is the way to go. Be it waiting until the summer and moving for Erik Ten Hag, or looking closer to home at a Brendan Rodgers or Graham Potter, I genuinely think Conte should be avoided like the plague.

Do you think Antonio Conte can do the job for Man United? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment box below.

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